buzai232: Jiading opens new e-car rental site in Shanghai

Jiading opens new e-car rental site in Shanghai

May 24 2017 at 09:41pm
Jiading opens new e-car rental site in Shanghai

EVCARD, an electric-car (e-car) rental service by the Shanghai International Automobile City, long term lease car shanghai has announced the opening of a new rental site, at Crowne Plaza in Anting, Jiading district, on Jan 19.

Different from traditional e-car rental services, EVCARD is Internet-based, said a staffmember from the automobile city. Short-term individual rentals can be handled via the company's website or smartphone app. After booking online, one can pick the car at a rental site with a key card and return it to any rental sites available across the city.

So far, EVCARD has 350 cars in operation and 3,300 members signing up for its services. The total number of rental sites in the city has reached 50. Besides Jiading, the service is also available in Songjiang, Yangpu and Pudong New District of Shanghai.

According to the plan, EVCARD will build over 300 rental sites in the city by the end of 2015, covering main transportation junctions, central business districts and resident communities. By then, the total number of rentable e-cars will exceed 2,000.


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