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Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat 8211 10-27

Jul 17 2017 at 07:38am
11:57Dan Szymborski: OK Lets do this. DAAAAAN SZYMBOOOOORSKI!11:57Dan Szymborski: At least I have chicken.11:57Comment From mtswAre there any historical analogues to some prospect of Tavaress potential tragically pa sing away so young? The one thing you think of is Len Bias (wrong sport though, obviously).11:58Dan Szymborski: In baseball, I cant consider any. Even Hubbs got a couple seasons in.11:59Comment From sempertyMaybe Conigliaro? I know he didnt pa s away, but he was (effectively) removed from the game11:59Dan Szymborski: Yeah, but plenty of injuries happen.11:59Comment From FronkWhat was your response to learning about Taveras? I couldnt accept is as true initially.11:59Dan Szymborski: Utter shock.11:59Dan Szymborski: Couldnt even stick to the game everything well. Just didnt care.11:59Comment From Eminor3rdGun for your head: ___________ is equal to ___________12:00Dan Szymborski: A, A. Because reasons. That reason to be the reflexive property of equality.12:01Comment From GuestIs Joe Panik pretty much Scooter Gennett without the dramatic platoon split moving forward, or perhaps is his ceiling higher than that?12:01Dan Szymborski: A little higher, but not alarmingly so. Paniks a solid player in all likelihood.12:01Comment From Guestbefore we get in too deep here can one just get the sad anger out of the way: fuck everything, this is the worst12:01Dan Szymborski Eddie Goldman Jersey : I understand, its just absolutely terrible.12:02Dan Szymborski: I am talking about its *always* an emergency, but on some level its even worse because Taveras was directly on the brink of being able to exhibit what he could do, to create a name for himself ever.12:02Dan Szymborski: Take the Munson situation. Absolutely horrific. But *still* Munson at least reached spend ten years doing what his talent led him to complete and making a name himself. Taveras will be based on the tragedy, not by his career as much as that point, so its just that extra tiny bit more horrid.12:03Comment From TananaWho do you like best on the bounce back contract Billingsley, Floyd, Brett Anderson12:04Dan Szymborski: Probably Anderson. Though I've little faith within the him (or any of the 3) not to be injured.12:04Comment From BrianWhats the cap for a hypothetical G7 outing for Bumgarner after throwing 117 pitches yesterday?12:05Dan Szymborski: He may emerge from the bullpen in a pinch, but hes not going to throw that much. If its a detailed game, theyll be shuffling in enough pitchers that hell simply be in for a few batters for the most part. And in a blowout, no need for him.12:06Dan Szymborski: Only exception is really a crazy extra innings game, but I still dont think they ride him in that situation12:06Comment From GeoffWill Chris Carter hit for enough capacity to make up for his Ks and defensive liabilities?12:06Dan Szymborski: Enough to make him usable and a decent starter, although not enough to create him an enormous plus that you simply secure for any decade.12:06Comment From sempertyIs it too early to begin considering potential replacements for Taveras in RF? If not, do you think St. Louis stays internal with Grichuk or do they go out of the organization?12:07Dan Szymborski: It is probably. Le s than Twenty four hours in the end. Realistically, Grichuk gets a shot early in the year (I though that the Cards were foolishly going to give Grichuk too many ABs over Taveras anyway before yesterday)12:07Comment From FronkI get really sad after i see this photo of Taveras: From Guestwe need this12:07Dan Szymborski: It's, just frigging awful.12:09Comment From Eminor3rdTIL that Leeroy Jenkins includes a Wikipeida page: From DavidWould a trade sending Howie Kendrick towards the Nats in exchange for young pitching make sense?12:10Dan Szymborski: I dont think they are doing that.12:11Comment From JayIf the Os choose to trade one of their 6 mlb starters, which may be the best to trade (most overvalued) and just what kind of player would be a reasonable return?12:11Dan Szymborski: Im unsure any of the Os starters would really be overvalued. Id most be willing to maneuver Norris I think unle s someone will a crazy overpay for Tillman or something like that. Youll get a solid prospect, but not a wild good one12:13Comment From GuestWhy does Hunter Pence defy all rational thinking in terms of his plate approach? Can you think of anyone else that looked so odd doing this good?12:13Dan Szymborski: Even when Tony Batista played well, he looked absolutely terrible while at bat.12:14Dan Szymborski: And Kevin Youkilis always stands while at bat like theres a poop hes desperately trying to hold in.12:14Comment From TBMatt Adams had a BABIP of .364 vs. RHP and .238 vs. LHP this year William Perry Jersey . Do split BABIPs like that regre s?12:14Dan Szymborski: Typically yes.12:14Comment From Guestthe fact that he'd a rough year makes this all the more sad in my experience, like his legacy is just 80 so-so substitution appearances and ML/MiL yo-yoing12:15Comment From SeanIs Guthrie vs Hudson the least interesting game 7 WS matchup ever?12:15Dan Szymborski: It does sound very uninspiring on paper, especially since Hudsons pitched much worse because the summer starter.12:15Dan Szymborski: As well as when Guthries pitching well, its still Jeremy Guthrie pitching.12:16Dan Szymborski: Even Livan vs. Lackey was a more thrilling matchup on paper.12:18Dan Szymborski: Trying to think cure.12:18Dan Szymborski: Wright vs. Leiter?12:19Comment From LarryATrue or False, switch Bochy and Yost before game 1 and also the series continues to be 3-2 Giants today?12:19Dan Szymborski: Probably.12:19Comment From GuestBetter name: Joe Panik or Scooter Gennett?12:19Dan Szymborski: Panik better for headlines, while Scooter has that 1950s charm.12:19Comment From JohnIs trading Kimbrel the easiest way for that Braves to turn around their club?12:19Dan Szymborski: Its definitely something they should consider when they wont.12:19Comment From VslykeDo you believe La Stella ever gets to the level Panik is at right now? Pains this Braves fan to determine Panik be everything we expected from La Stella.12:20Dan Szymborski: I believe Panik is a little better. Though La Stella could be very Luis Alicea-y which is perfectly acceptable12:20Comment From sempertyIf you had been Bochy, and also you had an off day today, would you happen to be more willing to use your bullpen in order to maximize the use of Bumgarner in a potential game 7? Can you favour a lot in Game 5 and almost nothing in Game 7, or would you rather it's split more evenly?12:20Dan Szymborski: I wouldnt manage around Bumgarner usage in game 712:20Comment From Ba smanUWHeres just a little hint: If you have to ask is it too early?, its too soon.12:20Comment From Neil W.did adam dunn ruin baseball?12:20Dan Szymborski: No12:21Comment From mtswDoes Tavaress family have any compensation from MLB or the Cardinals? Do they shell out the remainder of his contract?12:21Dan Szymborski: He wouldnt be under contract, so there would be nothing there to be paid off (hed be tendered an agreement sometime following the season)12:22Dan Szymborski: But when Im not mistaken, members of the union have a standard life insurance coverage advantage of 500K or something like that and the other million approximately when the death is recognized as accidental12:22Dan Szymborski: Im not positive on the exact figures.12:22Comment From Smooth PumaMoistCooterdid the thing is the sunday notes using the theoretical trade of Votto towards the sox for Barnes, Nava and Naploli>? is the fact that even coming of legitimate? I've got a difficult time seeing how that may be realistic12:22Dan Szymborski: That appears a bit rosterbating.12:22Comment From Guestwhats the offer with Bill James? Personally i think like I know what most sabermetricians get up to, but that guy is one thing of an enigma. in addition, i bought one of his books and its a snooze.12:24Dan Szymborski: His cla sic stuff is nece sary, but hes type of been from the orbit of the analyst community since the late 80s and hes always going to po se s a conflict of interest as they works best for Red Sox12:24Comment From Padres fanDoes a two year extension get Rollins to waive his NTC and is he worthwhile?12:24Dan Szymborski: Maybe with no.12:24Dan Szymborski: A two year extension causes it to be nearly purposele s to want to get Rollins via trade.12:25Dan Szymborski: At 1/11, hes a fascinating pickup. At 3/31 or something like that, hes not.12:25Comment From GuestWhats your take on the Red Soxs and Cespedes. Appears like it might drive his trade value down if he cant be friends with his coaches.12:25Dan Szymborski: Teams are inevitably crappy at keeping lids on things.12:25Comment From GuestKinda me sed up question but do the Cards obtain a comp pick for OT?12:26Dan Szymborski: Why are they going to? Perhaps theres a rarely invoked rule Im unacquainted with.12:26Comment From Ba smanUWTo me, I believe the Od need to move Tillman. Hes the only one with (generally undeserved) ace buzz, and maybe you receive some team to overpay with that.12:26Dan Szymborski: It truly depends upon Will Sutton Jersey exactly what the offers are. Its difficult to speculate on future rumors.12:26Comment From GuestWhere does Sandoval end up? A sume he leaves SF12:26Dan Szymborski: I actually think he returns to SF.12:27Dan Szymborski: I could totally see him in Boston or Ny though.12:27Comment From re: Os startersremember the time they traded Arrieta+ for Feldman12:27Dan Szymborski: Cubs po se s a weird record at getting engage in of ex-Os.12:27Dan Szymborski: Remember they got a lot from Jason hammel this year as well as Wada was solid12:27Comment From mtswIf the Os desired to trade a starter, could they package one of their starters in return for dumping Ubaldos bad contract? Would free up money to make a run in a starter in FA.12:28Dan Szymborski: Eh, I think its selling low. JImenez money isnt really crippling and theres a good enough shot of them benefiting from value from him which i wouldnt send away another starter simply to eliminate him12:28Dan Szymborski: ANy starter they send, after all, will have to be replaced le s efficiently after all12:30Dan Szymborski: I am talking about yeah, you could give someone Bud Norriss last arbitration year to obtain anyone to take Jimenez. But then you've to use that cash to exchange Norris anyway and in FA its going to be more costly than Norriss arb contract12:30Comment From Joe McMahonHow would you see the Yankees rotation exercising pick up? Would something similar to Tanaka, Pineda, Sabathia, McCarthy, Greene with Huff, Phelps and Nova as depth or do you think they would require a second FA signing (together with McCarthy or an equivalent 4th starter)12:30Dan Szymborski: I believe its very difficult to speculate right before the wintertime.12:31Dan Szymborski: I mean yeah, right now without moves, youve got Tanaka, Sabathia, Pineda, Green, Phelps, Nova, but its unlikely that the Yankees have the same kind of FA kabuki as last year12:31Comment From UghObviously this terrible tragedy JUST happened, but does MLB have contingency plan for something as rare because this? For instance, will the Cards get an extra draft pick or something like that? Clearly the cost of a life is pricele s and I dont mean to downplay that side from it whatsoever, but never the le s life continues and also the cards come with an enormous talent gap to fill12:32Dan Szymborski: Viewed *only poor a transaction*, its e sentially a horrific career-ending injury. Again, *only poor a transaction*12:32Dan Szymborski: But again, maybe theres a rule that Im unaware of because we never see it12:32Comment From Kevin YoukilisFun fact: I pound power bars 1 hour 30 minutes before game some time and dont take bathroom breaks until the last pitch is thrown. Learned in junior high school this solved the problem see balls and strikes 10 times better. Plus they say pitch recognition cant be learned12:33Comment From GuestAny ideas on the very strange double-switch bringing Jayson Nix (.120 BA!) up to bat in the World Series?12:33Dan Szymborski: I dont think Yost understands, well, things.12:34Comment From JayPeople always state that players never get a salary decline in arbitration. Is this an exageration? If an arbitrator thought C. Davis was worth about $10 mil after his 13 season, how could he provide him an increase after 14? More to the stage, why not a pretty significant cut? The arbitrator is independent, no?12:34Dan Szymborski: For just one, theres an optimum 20% cut.12:35Dan Szymborski: (Unle s a previous arbitrator ruled a 50% boost the year before)12:35Dan Szymborski: And two, while Davis were built with a bad year, given that salaries have a tendency to increase, the cla s Davis is going to be compared to may have also seen their salaries go up12:35Dan Szymborski: So a significant pay cut is unlikely12:36Dan Szymborski: Everyone keep attempting to talk about Adenhart I believe its a little gauche if we start ranking tragedies.12:37Dan Szymborski: Though only for the sake from the comparison, I dont think it really works as well I think Taveras is the best prospect that this has became of.12:37Comment From Alexander KeithI stopped following Steamer600 when I read that Jamie Moyer projected for 2.5 WAR (200 innings) in the age 52 season. Im sure he could pitch 200 innings, but12:37Dan Szymborski: I hadnt seen that. Seems optimistic.12:37Comment From GuestBumgarner is really a top __ SP now in most baseball. pls fill in12:37Dan Szymborski: 2012:37Dan Szymborski: Shoot, I mean farts.12:37Comment From GuestBetter name than panik/scooter: Deik Scram an old tigers farm hand12:37Comment From AndrewWith Bumbgarners early career, Schilling like postseason performance, are we able to anticipate him arbitrarily and insanely not making the hall of fame at any time?12:38Dan Szymborski: Thats a *long* way off. Lets not forget that Bumgarner still doesnt have any seasons that compare to Schillings extended peak.12:39Dan Szymborski: Schillings very arguably in the top 30 without a single postseason appearance.12:39Comment From mtswIs Tim Hudson a Hall of Famer?12:39Dan Szymborski: Should be thought about as a borderline candidate. Wont be at all, because the BBWAA voting is embarra singly bad.12:40Dan Szymborski: Mu sina and Schilling are Top 30 pitchers in *history* and both fell lacking getting even half the votes needed. Brown got one-and-doned.12:41Dan Szymborski: I cant emphasize how awful the voting is now.12:41Dan Szymborski: When it comes down to it, an organization in which 70% of individuals dont think Curt Schilling is really a Hall of Famer is a chosen group that is unqualified to become making an a se sment of Curt Schillings Hall of Fame status.12:42Dan Szymborski: There are way too many non-expert voters in there for the good voters with an impact.12:42Dan Szymborski: Its just like having reporters of monetary news voting on the Nobel Prize for Economics. A large amount of them might be experts about them, but more wont.12:43Comment From Guestkind of random, but do you think Bobby Grich should maintain the HOF? I just saw he had almost 70 career WAR.12:43Dan Szymborski: Yes12:43Comment From nealwhat historical comps exist for brandom mccarthy having thrown 200 innings in a season for the first time at the chronilogical age of 31?12:43Dan Szymborski: It shappened before. Rick Reed. Dazzy Vance12:44Comment From harvey weinsteinwill the following baseball movie in regards to a GM concentrate on Dayton Moore?12:44Dan Szymborski: No12:44Comment From DougOdds that Cespedes is by using the Sox on opening day?12:44Dan Szymborski: 50/50. I wont say its a done deal yet people jump to obvious conclusions too rapidly.12:44Comment From GuestWhat are the odds KC wins the next two games?12:44Dan Szymborski: 1 in 4 or so the teams are closely matched.12:44Comment From Mooking for LoveRe: CespedesI dont recall anything like this appearing out of Oakland, do you? ie, is it another Puig type situation or does he just not like Boston?12:44Dan Szymborski: Until theres more, I think the storyline is overblown.12:44Comment From mtswA week before Dan Duquette traded Jemile Weeks, he struggled to keep in mind Weeks name inside a TV interview. Is this some kind of weird mind game he was using to influence Weeks trade value or was DD just having a brain fart?12:44Dan Szymborski: Sometimes you receive mind farts.12:45Dan Szymborski: I Jacoby Glenn Jersey once wrote a piece that mentioned Andres Galarragas near perfect game.12:46Dan Szymborski: Do one of those sporcle baseball challenges as well as your mind will freeze at the dumbest places.12:47Dan Szymborski: I had been doing one of those opening day lineup challneges a few weeks ago and I just could not remember Benito Santiagos stint using the Giants.12:47Comment From FronkI seem like an a s for asking this, but when a player under contract would pa s away, would the team still have to spend the money for all anything?12:48Dan Szymborski: In a purely technical sense, the deceased player could be violating anything by not turning up.12:48Dan Szymborski: Though teams have better pr sense than that in many situations.12:48Comment From ScrapperOdds that Maddon signs on to coach the Cubs? Cubs fans ought to be elated whether it happens, no?12:48Dan Szymborski: Refer to it as a coin flip. Its tough to axe a guy after 1 season managing as he didnt really do anything deserving of a vacation to madame guillotine.12:48Comment From GuestA suming it goes to Game 7, how many innings do you see Guthrie/Hudson going?12:48Dan Szymborski: 6 at most12:49Comment From AndyDoes the Braves hiring of Seitzer as a more contact-oriented hitting coach have any tangible impact? Does ZiPS take into account those types of things?12:49Dan Szymborski: No, that kind of thing is very unknowable. Consider it something that isnt luck but we treat as luck.12:49Comment From NYCAs a Yankee fan, I do NOT would like them signing the Panda to a long-term contract. He doesnt seem like the type of guy who will age well.12:49Dan Szymborski: Depends how long the deal is.12:49Comment From GuestHow much better would the Cubs be when they sign Maddon ?12:50Dan Szymborski: Hard to put a precise figure on them. Itll save the day, but its not some dramatic turnaround type thing12:50Comment From mtswWhich widely reviled player is more apt to be looked back on as misunderstood good guy by generations to come: Bonds or A-Rod?12:50Dan Szymborski: Bonds, I think.12:50Dan Szymborski: A-Rod are affected from being suspended and testing positive.12:51Dan Szymborski: And while Bonds was surly towards the media at times, A-Rods awkwardne s is likely to be remembered (and he seems like a guy who'll keep on popping up awkwardly after his career)12:51Comment From DefaultWho will have the better next 3 years: Harper or Rendon?12:51Dan Szymborski: Still Harper12:51Comment From JWRDo you care whatsoever concerning the Gold Gloves? If that's the case, name a player that you would like to see rewarded for his defensive excellence.12:51Dan Szymborski: No particularly. Theyve improved the proce s, however the majority is still determined by a very lazy voting proce s.12:52Comment From JWRName a group that needs to be particularly aggre sive within the offseason.12:52Dan Szymborski: Yankees. The house is failing they cant start considering maybe making an appointment using the termite guy sooner or later.12:53Comment From gumpre: tavares draft Szymborski: Thats not really the situation. Thats for situations where a team doesnt actually have a roster, not just losing a guy.12:53Dan Szymborski: I think baseball even includes a specific number of players that need that are awesome it to trigger anything12:54Comment From Smooth PumaMoistCooterwhat do you make from the MAddon situation? Dodgers?12:54Dan Szymborski: There are plenty of teams denying interest who must have been very interested12:54Dan Szymborski: Such as the Mets. Terry Collins is awful.12:54Comment From The Quizmasterwhy could it be always taco tuesday? its nothing like almost every other night of the week comes with an alliterative special, nor that obvious alliterative specials are ubiquitous (e.g. wing wednesday). Yet, taco tuesday reigns supreme. Thoughts?12:54Dan Szymborski: Not sure how it started.12:54Comment From Guesti remember in one Daves chats if your team planes crashes and you will find no survivors a supplemental draft happens, thats why i'm wondering Zach Miller Jersey if theres some comp for Taveras12:55Dan Szymborski: Yeah, but thats should there be serious roster repercu sions. *Solely poor the roster and never the scale of tragedy* Taverass pa sing is simply a career-ending injury.12:55Dan Szymborski: And let me stre s this again *SOLELY IN THE CONTEXT OF THE ROSTER*12:56Comment From Caveman JonesHow would Barry Bonds project for next year in SF?12:56Dan Szymborski: Pretty poorly at this point.12:56Comment From WerdnaMore importantly, can we look forward to Bumgarner trying to start an application developing company (I enjoy to use apps!) and getting a lot of PNW taxpayer dollars and then getting the bottom drop out because hes a baseball player and not a busine sman12:57Dan Szymborski: The thing you have to remember is that Schilling *is* familiar with the gaming industry. It just didnt exercise.12:57Dan Szymborski: He attempted to purchase the rights to Advanced Squad Leader years ago.12:57Comment From CMSWhich current San Francisco Giant is probably to po se s a statue outside AT&T Park 30-40 years from now?12:58Dan Szymborski: Posey12:58Comment From BrettDo you've got a borderline WAR amount for HOF induction?12:58Dan Szymborski: Not a set specific number.12:58Comment From i can see it nowMoores Law, starring Ryan Gosling as Dayton Moore. When the entire analytic community is against you, all you need to do isreach for Moore12:58Comment From GaryMy econometrics profe sor from undergrad said that randomne s (or luck) was just a phrase for variables we couldnt explain yet.12:58Dan Szymborski: We riffed about this last week.12:58Comment From Ba smanUWI think the PR sense on which to complete in regards to paying a person dying would vary hugely by player. For those who have a 35 years old Joshua Bellamy Jersey that has made $100 million in his career, you can feel pretty confident that his household is going to be acceptable for a couple of generations. However a player like Taveras, who didnt even spend a complete season within the Majors? I wouldnt be amazed to see the Cardinals have low 7 figures payment to the family.12:59Dan Szymborski: As I noted, he almost certainly obtain a death take advantage of the MLBPA.12:59Comment From BobbySArent managers gro sly overrated more often than not? Ive always seen managers are much more prone to lose a game for his or her team than to actually be the reason for winning one.12:59Dan Szymborski: They are. But I rather have a good one as opposed to a terrible one.12:59Comment From For FunsiesIs ZiPS ready to go? If that's the case, can you provide us with a teaser projection in one from the first teams?12:59Dan Szymborski: ZiPS is mainly done but I dont have the minor league translations done.1:00Comment From Andy5I think it was Buster Olney who tweeted that Lorenzo Cain is now in the upper echelon of Major League OFs. Are people overreacting to his great week? Like a Brewer fan, I was then and still am perfectly fine w/ trading him and Escobar for Greinke.1:00Dan Szymborski: Depends on how large your echelons are. He *did* simply have a 5 WAR season by both FG and BR1:00Comment From DomDoes Hanley seem sensible for that Yankees?1:00Dan Szymborski: Yes1:00Comment From That certain GuyShouldnt Sherzer maintain those hypothetical Yankees rotations?1:00Dan Szymborski: Po sibly.1:00Comment From Ba smanUWThe biggest thing I love about Maddon potentially coming to the Cubs is his understanding of lineup construction, particularly in regards to reverse splits. Plus, I think he could convince Rizzo, the Cubs best all around hitter, to bat 2nd and feel better about it. Will i think he suddenly changes the equation for what needs to happen for that Cubs to contend in 2015? No. Does he give a game or two in the win total? Yes. Would I feel more comfortable concerning the Cubs entering a playoff series within the next few years with Maddon rather than Renteria? Yes. Although who knows in the event that comfort level would connect with winning a series or not.1:01Comment From Guestwhy all of this hubbub about pitch delays making baseball take longer when it seems pretty clear the culprit is advertising?1:01Dan Szymborski: Its easier to axe dead time that doesnt make money than dead time that does.1:01Comment From "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Taco Tuesday"After getting rid of Taco Tuesday and replacing it with fish tacos George gives Stuart the idea to operate for cla s president. Stuart decides to operate and do items to help him get his vote. He bakes cookies and pa ses out fliers. Stuart cleans in the school playground and helps make the mascot better. He also makes a pettition to obtain Taco Tuesday back rather than having to eat those fish tacos no one likes. Is he going to be able to bring back Taco Tuesday and will he also be chosen as cla s president?1:01Comment From RobRegarding the Disaster Drafts: At least 5 players have to to be dead, dismembered, or permanently disabled in order to trigger the draft. (6 players in the offseason)1:02Dan Szymborski: Thanks, just saw what the wikipedia link went to didnt recall the exact deatails.1:02Comment From AustinIts so sad to consider that the Taveras accident could happen to anybody. Without understanding the specifics, its not fair to criticize the roads inthe Domincan, but I think it ought to be noted the generally terrible roads and lack of enforcement of rules would likely happen to be a factor in Oscars crash.1:02Comment From Re: Moores LawWith Gary Busey as Ned Yost1:02Comment From GuestI just would like to apologize for you for getting screwed around the timing of your chat. This situation sucks, and you have to answer lots of hard questions. I really hope nobody takes your answers out of context.1:03Dan Szymborski: Im being careful. Im extremely down about the whole thing and Im being careful not to say something which will sound awful out of context.1:03Dan Szymborski: Especially as Im a guy who constitutes a large amount of barbed quips that sound bad *in* proper context.1:04Comment From GuestI still cant overcome how small of the sample we let impact our feelings abt a group. On friday the Royals were some amazing counter-culture sabermetrics pfff story, now theyre just whatever. all told weve been talking about like 15 games here!1:04Comment From DomDo you follow the NBA?1:04Dan Szymborski: Recycled in it. There would be a long period by which I wasnt really following. Still a distant third.1:04Comment From SeanThe sad thing about Schillings company (38 Studios) is that Kingdoms of Amalur was really a very solid game.1:04Dan Szymborski: It had been the right game at the wrong time really.1:04Dan Szymborski: Its very hard to compete directly with Skyrim and Dragon Age.1:05Dan Szymborski: People in your comments ought to in Calcaterras post on schilling made me want to punch them.1:05Dan Szymborski: As though 38 studios not existing was proof of Schilling being immoral, that is just ridiculous.1:06Dan Szymborski: Startups fail every person in the gaming market is damn certain to be aware of this.1:06Dan Szymborski: Also it was the government Chicago Bears NFL Jersey of Rhode Island which was used to function as the gatekeeper from the tax money of those of Rhode Island, not Schilling or 38 Studios.1:07Comment From RobId like to take only a moment to indicate that incidents such as these are exactly why Im so looking forward to Googles self-driving car. The max speed may not be the best, however the idea of everybody safely getting where they have to be thats worth it.1:08Comment From Guestno more car accidents in exchange for enslavement by google1:08Dan Szymborski: All of us sell ourselves in a way or another. We are our very own best commodity, so why not monetize it?1:08Comment From DomWhen can we see Eric Sogard wearing Google gla s in game1:09Comment From Guestthere are ways to monetize yourself that dont involve giving up all yourself1:09Dan Szymborski: Depends upon exactly what the price is.1:10Dan Szymborski: With that depre sing note, time to end the most depre sing chat were prone to have fo rawhile.1:10Comment From Guestand at a macro level, depends upon whether theres a monopsony that severely undercuts the values that backdrop our liberal democratic society1:10Dan Szymborski: My best desires to the family of Oscar Taveras, who are dealing with among the worst things anyone can have to go through. As sad as we are, it pales in comparison to what his loved ones face.1:11Dan Szymborski: You realize all the places you can get me, dont feel like doing the entire self promotion plug thing. So yada yada yaday see you guys next time.


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